Whats hidden inside your can of coca-cola? Hint: E-numbers everywhere [info-graphic]

So whats inside your can of Coca-cola?

Before you take a sip of that coke, yes I see that can in your hand. Just wait a minute and read on before you take even another sip!

Coca-cola is a well known company and of course┬áhas distributed its famed Coca-cola drink globally. In every restaurant, fast food chain and shop I’m sure you will find they have some Coke available. In fact if you went into a restaurant asking for a glass of coke, you are more likely to be shocked if they didn’t have any to serve you!

So a drink that almost everybody has been enjoying on a regular basis… Yet they don’t seem to mind the consequences that continuous consumption have on their bodies… Or is it that they don’t know of the harm?

Its certain that everyone knows Coca-cola is full of sugar and isn’t great for the body, even the least health conscious of people will know this, but what they don’t know is the actual extent of the damage this drink can do to the body!

Riddled with harmful E-numbers excessive consumption can cause immeasurable damage to the body

Check out the info-graphic below to see how Coca-cola is made, if your using a mobile phone and the picture isn’t showing up correctly, check out the info-graphic on this link:

From the info-graphic we see that the happy can of Coca-cola is quite deceiving. The famous and global coca-cola company do very well in promotional activities and marketing to mask the dangers of this drink.

As you can see there are E-numbers galore contained within this drink. Some of which can cause great damage to your body. If you’ve been drinking coca-cola on a regular basis, why not abstain for a while and see how you feel. Maybe you won’t be having those headaches anymore. You may even lose a couple of pounds, since its so high in sugar/additives. Your energy will increase and you will definitely start feeling less lethargic after eliminating this drink from your diet.

As always i’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy a can of coke from time to time. However it has some serious effects on your body. You should be careful not to drink it excessively. Once in a while is fine, but if you have the will power to avoid sweet drinks such as these, your body will thank you that much more!

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