Take back control: Breathing exercises to reduce stress

Learn how you can take control and reduce stress on command!

Do you have a major interview coming up? Or maybe your just about to give a presentation in front of some really important people! These can be very stressful situations. For the majority of people, its not uncommon to feel the butterflies in your stomach, and have a tremble in your step! The anxiety builds up the more you think about it. For some this can be unbearable. Don’t worry everyone has been there, even myself! this performance destroying feeling you get before a big important moment can be avoided, or at least reduced! It’s time you learnt how to reduce stress and anxiety, and finally take back control.

So how can something as simple as breathing reduce stress?

Well as your aware, in scenarios like giving a huge presentation you heart beat will race, and you can start feeling out of breath. Not getting this under control before you start speaking can make you sound like you’ve been on a jog! Plus your voice won’t sound as grounded, giving off a more shaky and nervous presentation. This gives off a terrible perception to your viewers. If your in an interview, you know its really important that you ooze confidence! Coming into a job interview sounding nervous, is game over! They’ll think your not ready for the job and that you don’t know what your doing!

Now Some simple breathing exercises that you can do to help:

Its best that you practice these breathing strategies to help reduce stress long before any big moments/presentations. This will give you time to learn and increase the effectiveness. However if your reading this article in the hope to find ┬ásome last minute help, and you have a presentation tomorrow morning, then don’t worry. These can still help you!

So, you may notice, that when you get nervous you start breathing from your upper chest. This is a sign that your subconscious is feeling stressed and panicked. Normally when you’re relaxed, you breathe deeply, and your belly expands as your lungs take in air. Slow deep breathing is key. Your stomach should expand and slowly contract with each breath, rather than your chest getting puffed up with each inhale.

Now that’s the first method, breathing deeply can really reduce stress quickly. Make sure to concentrate on the breath, and forget about everything else for the time being until you’ve recovered some composure.

The next important step is to regulate breathing. This is really important, start counting on your inhale, 1…2…3…4 an then exhale, 1…2..3..4. Now you don’t have to keep to the count of 4, if you wanted you could have an exhale count of 2 and an inhale count of 3. It doesn’t matter, but what matters is that you keep the rhythm the same, so don’t keep changing your inhale or exhale count, and focus on this rhythm. This method can really reduce stress and relax you. Its extremely effective, if you have at least ten minutes, you can almost certainly start to feel less anxious!

Apart from breathing, visualization is key. There are many visualization strategies out there which can help to build your confidence mentally, but you need to work at it. These breathing exercises are great because they can picked up very quickly in a pinch. But if you have time, start practicing beforehand to increase the effectiveness.

Have you had any experiences with tough interviews or presentations? Please share in the comments section any advice on how you managed to get through it and reduce stress. Good luck everyone!




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