Should I drink water instead of a recovery drink after a workout?

Is it a good idea to drink only water instead of a recovery drink after a late night workout? Are there any other options for insomnia-prone people?

A recovery drink is always advertised on TV as the best thing you can take to refuel your body and get the most out of your workouts. But most of the time they are loaded with sugars and other chemicals. Not only that but they are really expensive!

Personally I have used energy drinks before, and the caffeine and the sugar does keep you alert if your feeling tired before a workout, and these drinks do contain electrolytes which can help hydrate you. But in the long-term these drinks can be really and for your health!

So should you only drink water?

Well, of course there’s nothing more natural than water. I’ve seen people bring a gallon jug of water with them to the gym and slowly sip it throughout their workout. If you’re in doubt always opt with water. It’s much better for you, and it won’t keep you up at night if your prone to insomnia and you workout late in the evening due to other commitments throughout the day.

Alternatives to recovery drinks

Okay so we’ve discussed water as a great alternative of course. But what if you want something different? Well you should try coconut water too! I even use it myself!

If you love the taste of coconut than this is perfect. Coconut water is full of electrolytes and minerals, that can quickly restore your body and re-hydrate you, Even more effectively than water! This is because coconut water has a similar profile to human blood. So Your body can easily absorb it.

There’s no caffeine in Coconut water, so you will have a great night sleep afterwards too!

I’ve written further about the many benefits of coconut water, if you want to learn more read: Whats so good about coconut water? Coconut water info-graphic

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