Whats inside a McDonald’s Cheeseburger? Hint: Its not just bread, beef and cheese [info-graphic]

The naughty McDonald’s cheeseburger, a first choice for many people when they enter the famous golden arches

And to be honest, its a favorite of mine too, after the chicken nuggets of course. But you’d be very surprised of whats actually inside their renowned cheeseburger. And, it’s not just bread, beef and cheese…

You may have read articles or seen videos online criticizing the McDonald’s cheeseburger. And for good reason. There have been records of the cheeseburger when left for months, not growing any mold or deteriorating. This is just a sign that the ingredients aren’t all they seem to be. In fact one of the reasons why the burger doesn’t seem to mold is because of all the preservatives inside of it! Their cheeseburger is far from natural, and eating too many of these can really harm your gut.

Have a look at the info-graphic below and see for yourself:

So the actual beef patty and the onions seem to be only components of this burger that doesn’t deceive! McDonalds have always promoted their beef patties in adverts, saying how fresh and natural they are. Well this is true, but what a great promotional tactic this is. Draw attention away from the myriad of preservatives and harmful ingredients inside the bread, sauce and cheese by focusing on the meat!

You can see from the shear amount of ingredients needed to make the bread, that its definitely not going to be good for you. Even the pickles are laced with preservatives! The issue with eating so many of these preservatives is that it can cause havoc on your gut. Your gut needs a healthy balance of good bacteria dominating, which will help digest food and keep your stomach working properly. An imbalance of the bacteria (having more bad bacteria dominating) can cause serious digestive issues! This could mean, bloating, gas, diarrhea, leaky gut and even more problems. The preservatives found in the cheeseburger can kill good bacteria, which is what you don’t want!

Obviously I’m not saying you have to avoid the McDonald’s cheeseburger like the plague. There are many fast food chains that do the same thing, trying to preserve the food by pumping it with toxic ingredients is not uncommon, its part of their business, so they can transport the food without it going bad and increase it’s shelf life. Just keep in mind that eating fast food regularly can really affect your health, and it should be what its meant to be… a sometimes food.




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