Health boosting herbal teas you need to be drinking

There are so many health boosting herbal teas out there. Why stick to just one flavor, expand your horizons!

Herbal teas are an amazing way to add essential vitamins and beneficial compounds into your diet daily. There is an almost endless variety of health boosting herbal teas out there! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite teas below.

But before you check out the list, let me tell you why you should be drinking more:

Digestive problems? Herbal teas can really help you with this. Not only do you get the benefits form drinking herbal tea, but the warm water you also consume can help regulate bowel movements and relax your stomach. Warm water is very healing for the body compared to drinking cold water! And drinking herbal tea is a tasty way to drink more of it! Not to mention teas that contain ingredients such as turmeric and ginger are great for digestion. They are full of anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce and heal any digestive distress you may be going through.

Other herbal teas have other benefits too, for example, chamomile tea, being very relaxing! Having trouble sleeping? Get into the routine of having a cup of chamomile before bed!

So, keep trying new herbal blends, you body will thank you later!

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Healthy Herbal Teas

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What are your favorite health boosting herbal teas? Comment below and share!

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