Top 5 motivational videos that will make you want to go to the gym!

Feeling tired or down, and can’t be bothered to go to the gym? What you need are some great motivational montages and epic training scenes to pump you up!

1.Rocky training montages (all of them!)

That’s right, all of them all compiled for you in an easy to watch video below. The epic Rocky scenes are always a go to for many people when they need a bit of inspiration and a kick up the butt to get to the gym! After watching these scenes it will be almost impossible to just crawl back into bed and go to sleep. Watch this if you need waking up and some gym motivation, if you do, you’re gonna have a great workout!

2.Muhammad Ali speech ‘Ima show you how great I am!’

This speech is great for building confidence and giving that push you need. It’s something about Ali’s charismatic voice that can engage the listener so well. His aura just oozes confidence and his words flow so well. Listening to this will instill confidence and belief into yourself, a great way to get pumped up for a workout!

3. Epic Squat Battle!

This great video pits various athletes against each other, such as bodybuilders, power-lifters and even a cyclist. To see who is better at squatting in this testosterone fueled battle. In this video it’s not about what is said, there are no big speeches, but watching these men struggle and grind their teeth trying to blast those last few reps will give you energy. This is an amazing video to watch on leg day!

4. DMX ‘X gon’ give it to ya’

I’m sure many of you will have heard this song before by DMX. Its the go to tune to pump yourself up and boost your confidence. The likelihood of this song being in your iPod if your a regular gym goer is very high. Make sure to blast this tune on either at the gym or on your way there!

5. Barstarz

This is a great routine completed by the Barstarz, a you tube workout sensation which has grown a great following over the years. Now copying this routine even for most advanced gym goers will be difficult. These guys have been practicing pull up variation for years and have great core strength to help them. But this video is great motivation, showing you whats possible given enough discipline and practice!

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