Is it okay to go to the gym in the morning without eating anything?

Going to the gym in the morning on an empty stomach?

There are always going to be pros and cons to going to the gym in the morning even before breakfast. But depending on your fitness goals this can be a great strategy for you!

Who should go to the gym in the morning?

If your main goal is to lose weight and get ripped, then actually hitting the gym in the morning, even before eating anything can be of great benefit. By working out on an empty stomach you are able to target your fat deposits more efficiently. This will put you in a calorific deficit early on in the day. Sure, you will lack optimal energy levels during this morning workout, but depending on your workout routine this could still play in your favor.

By implementing a high intensity workout, using moderate to light weights (with high repetition) , cardio or a combination of both, you can burn calories very quickly. And a workout like this can be sustained with lower energy levels, (rather than a routine that requires heavy lifting and personal bests).

If your looking to build strength and a lot of muscle mass, then working out in the morning on an empty stomach may not be the best strategy for you. When your trying to build mass its important to be consuming enough calories, so your muscles can get all the nutrients they need to recover. The most efficient way to ensure your body is absorbing enough food and proteins etc. is to eat often throughout the day. Most bodybuilders tend to eat multiple times a day, even 6 or 7 times, including snacks and protein shake breaks. So by not eating as soon as you wake up and then hitting the gym may be counter-productive. Not to mention that if your aiming to build strength, you need to be fully fueled, going to the gym on an empty stomach, will leave you weaker then your optimal self!

My experience with going to the gym in the morning on an empty stomach

I personally hit the gym at 6:30am every morning just before heading to the office. I hardly have enough time to grab a bite to eat and properly digest it in the morning before my workouts. For me the main thing is that I’m eating enough of the right foods in the day overall, especially when trying to build muscle.

I find that personally working out fasted (not eaten anything since dinner the night before) makes a negligible difference to my results compared to working out later on in the day after eating. So based on that, I would say give it a try!

There are so many other benefits for going to the gym in the morning, such as increased productivity throughout the day, higher testosterone levels in the morning and its much better than working out late evening then having a large post workout dinner. If you go to bed without giving enough time to digest your large post workout meal, you can ruin your quality of sleep and cause some digestive distress. Read more about the benefits of hitting the gym in the morning here: Top 10 benefits of morning workouts for a successful life

Final comment

You know the theories and whats best for your body in terms of the goals your chasing. Whether it be building muscle, losing weight or both! Whether you gym in the morning, after or before eating, the main thing is that you made the effort to hit the gym at all! Depending on your level the difference would be negligible. If you are a professional bodybuilder on the other hand, you need to be more precise, about the things you eat, when you eat and your workout routine throughout the day. And then again this would be more necessary during competition time to keep the body in optimal shape. So there is no harm in trying, see what works best for you and mix it up!

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