Why people with good health become successful

Good Health comes before wealth

Having good health is extremely important. In fact health is the most important aspect of anyone life, even more so then wealth. However, everyday at the office or wherever you work, you see people almost killing themselves to earn more money. Trying to impress a manager by working longer and harder.

Although in some cases I do admire the hard working attitude that extremely ambitious people have! Sometimes it can just be over kill and unnecessary. Especially if your working in a large corporate firm. The work you tend to do will not further your career but someone else whose above you. Now I’m not telling you to stop working hard, but stop and see how you feel.

Be proactive

Now, a lot of us cling on to jobs that work us really hard. It might not be our dream job, but it pays well and there’s room to progress. Now its time you stop and think how this job is affecting your health. And if needed, how you can take steps to improve your lifestyle and heal.

Be a success!

People who practice good health have a better chance at becoming successful and achieving their goals. Its very simple. If your in good health, then you feel good. Automatically your in a better mood and more inclined to enjoy coming into the office everyday. Your productivity will rise. You will be happy and stress free at work allowing you to get everything done with a skip in your step.

My experience

From my personal experience: There was a time where I fell really ill. Doctors and western medicine weren’t effective in healing me, consequently it was a very debilitating time, and this continued for months. That’s when I started researching natural remedies as alternatives, and doing so I managed to alleviate some serious problems. Still, it took time for my body to heal. And going into work everyday was a real struggle. As a result the work I could complete was minimal, and definitely not very impressive. I even opted for some days to work at home, which left me very unproductive. It also distanced me from colleagues. I knew that I needed to change aspects of my life in order to regain my health.

Ill health can really be a detriment to your work and social life. Don’t wait till its too late practice good health. Get back on track with your goals! Check out the slide below and gain some insight on how good health can increase productivity and success!


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I'm a fitness and health fanatic as well as a coach to others, my aim is to bring my expertise and information to help others achieve their fitness goals and to help heal them. I'm an avid believer in natural remedies compared to western medicine and drugs, although they do have their place, I want to promote alternative solutions for those who have tried everything but have had no luck. From a person who has been very ill in the past and didn't get much help from doctors, i took healing and recovery into my own hands, which I how I gained a lot of knowledge in this field. I'm also an avid bodybuilder and dedicated to my workouts, over the years I have compiled a lot of information on how best to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

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