Why do I find exercise so stressful?

Exercise is supposed to relax you, but why do I feel stressed when working out?

I’ve heard this question many times, exercise stresses people out, but then why is it considered a relaxing hobby, which a lot of other people like to do in their spare time?

Well people who get really into regular exercise will really understand how beneficial it can be, not just physically but mentally. It’s mainly people who are new to regular/intense exercise who dread the thought of lifting weights or going for an intense run. Some may even feel anxiety before heading to the gym!

So for the people who love exercise, how does it help reduce stress?

During intense exercise like lifting weights, you end up focusing your mind on the movement. This is a great way to forget about all the stress and distractions in your life.

Intense workouts can also induce endorphins which can instantly diminish stress, pain and fatigue.

Even moderate exercise can help lift your spirits.

So for the people who dread exercise and find it a stressful and uncomfortable experience…

There could be a number of reasons why your feeling stressed during exercise:

It’s new to you/new surroundings

Maybe you’ve started a new workout routine which your not used to. Or you’ve joined a new gym and have some anxiety working out in front of others.

Slow results

If your exercising to reach a goal and it looks like your not achieving the results you want then this can be really frustrating.


If your busy and work long hours, then you try to hit the gym, your not going to be performing at your best. Plus you really don’t want to be there. If your working out constantly and not getting enough sleep or time to recover, cortisol levels can rise making you feel worse, this can add to your stress.


This can be a great motivator when working out with a rival, but sometimes you want to take it at your own pace and work out on your own.

The routine

Your routine or workout doesn’t suit you. There are many different exercises out there from running to lifting weights or even just playing sports, find something you like doing rather then forcing yourself to do something you hate, which will only add stress into your life.

So if you find exercise a stressful experience, switch it up a little bit. Try and analyse why your feeling this anxiety and drill down to the root cause.

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