Finally a very simple yet effective hangover cure

A few too many drinks can actually leave your body feeling dehydrated, mineral deficient and weak… Time for a natural hangover cure!

After a heavy night out, you may have been drinking way too much. Any signs of memory loss or blacking out is always a bad sign. Meaning you’ve over indulged and put your body through hell! Now I’m not saying you need to abstain from drinking alcohol all together, although avoiding it will definitely boost your health. But next time you find yourself lying in bed feeling horrific, try this hangover cure…

Coconut water!

  • wasted homeless guy, in need of a hangover cure
    wasted homeless guy, in need of a hangover cure
    Regularly drinking alcohol in excess can ravage your body
  • pink panther wasted and in need of a hangover cure
    Alcohol can irritate your stomach and of course damage your liver
  • a lot of whisky, you will need a hangover cure after this
    The process of the liver breaking down the alcohol can actually dehydrate you
  • wasted bald man in need of a hangover cure
    After a huge drinking session, your body is drained and needs nourishment. It can be so easy to sleep all day, but if you have work to do, you're going to need a quick health boost
  • kermit absolutely wasted and in need of a hangover cure
    Throwing up after a huge binge can deplete your body of essential minerals and electolytes

That right, something as simple as drinking a glass or two of coconut water can really help you!

First of all lets see what happens when we drink too much alcohol:

Contrary to belief, even though you’re drinking a lot, drinking alcohol actually dehydrates you. Now you know why every morning you wake up gasping for a drink! The liver had to break down all the alcohol you consumed and this process in the end dehydrates you further. I suggest drinking a lot of water before you go to bed after a big night out. Or even better a glass of coconut water!

Ever had too much to drink and thrown up? Well this is another major reason your dehydrated. Not only that but by throwing up, you’ve depleted your body’s supply of essential minerals and electrolytes!

I’m sure you all know how it feels after a night out, and you have work the next day. The lack of sleep will also amplify those horrible hangover symptoms your feeling. The lack of sleep added with the lack of minerals and electrolytes in your body will really slow you down and destroy your productivity.

For some, indulging in alcohol can really affect the digestive system and irritate your stomach. Ever needed to rush to the bathroom, or have diarrhea the next day. In the latter case your body just had too much alcohol inside of it, and it wasn’t able to absorb it all. This is a sign you should definitely give your body a rest from alcohol for a while. These symptoms can really affect people with Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders.

So how does this hangover cure work?

Coconut water has a very similar profile to human blood and is easily absorbed. that means it can re-hydrate you so much faster then regular water and other drinks in general. In fact in some countries, coconut water has actually been saving lives. When injected intravenously, coconut water is massively effective in replenishing the body with liquid, minerals and electrolytes. Of course not all of us have a drip available where we can plug a bit of coconut water into our veins, but drinking it will have a great affect on the body too!

Even athletes have been known to swear by coconut water, knowing that it can boost performance by efficiently hydrating the body.

So next time you find yourself in urgent need of a hangover cure, make sure you have some coconut water stocked up in your fridge! replenish your body and give it an energy boost! Even better, if you can remember to drink a glass or two of coconut water after heavy drinking, before you go to sleep, you won’t be feeling so bad in the morning. Make sure to drink plenty of water alongside it too!

Comment below if you have any other great hangover remedies!





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