The ultimate dairy substitute: Coconut milk

Coconut Milk is nutrient dense, tasty and thick! Here’s why you should be drinking more of it.

First of all, some people get confused with coconut milk and coconut water:

Coconut milk is a lot more creamier and thicker than coconut water.  Coconut water is transparent and mainly just like, well… water! and coconut milk, well you’ve guessed it, it’s a lot more like milk! its very easy to tell apart so now there should be no more confusion.

This drink can be used as a great alternative for cow’s milk. So any of you that are lactose intolerant should keep this in mind! It will even add more flavor to your drinks and food/deserts!

In order to make coconut milk, the white flesh found inside the coconut is taken out and grated. Then it is left in hot water. After a while coconut cream starts to float up and rise on top.This coconut cream can be skimmed off, what we really want is a liquid underneath. This liquid is sieved through a cheese cloth with very fine holes. The parts of the liquid that is extracted through the cheese cloth is coconut milk! And by repeating this process the liquid can be made thinner and thinner. The thicker version is used mainly for desserts and very rich sauces. The ones that you may find in Indian dishes.

Heart health

Drink it to really improve your heart health. It contains a type of fatty acid called lauric acid. This is greatly linked to improving and regulating cholesterol levels. Not to mention it can help lower blood pressure.

Boost perfomance

For any of you that workout, coconut milk is an amazing supplement for helping you lose fat and also gain muscle mass. Your performance at the gym can be optimized by drinking some coconut milk. This is because of the medium chain triglycerides found inside. These can up your energy expenditure, giving you better results! This drink also helps you lose fat, because it contains a lot of healthy fats which will help keep you feeling full and reduce any overheating tendencies.


Coconut milk has anti-inflammatory properties. This is great for people with joint pain and muscle soreness especially after a hard workout. Keep in mind that it is very important to be consuming more anti-inflammatory ingredients in your daily diet in order to stay healthy and a top of your game!

Now you know some of the amazing benefits of drinking coconut milk, how you going to increase your intake of it?

Well there are a number of ways worth a shot:

Why not try adding coconut milk into a smoothie or even better how about making some of your very own golden milk tea recipes.

Golden milk is actually renowned for its healing properties made from turmeric and milk, or milk substitute (coconut milk is my fave). Heat up the stove place a saucepan on it. Add 2 cups of coconut milk and let it warm up before adding a teaspoon of turmeric and another teaspoon of cinnamon for flavor. Let the mixture simmer before transferring it to a mug. Don’t forget to add a dash of black pepper to boost your absorption of turmeric! If your getting ready for bed and having trouble sleeping, this drink will really help relax you!

Are you a big fan of coconut milk? Have you been drinking any golden milk recipes? Please share and let us know in the comment section below!

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