How does stress contribute to chronic disease?

Chronic disease and stress are closely related!

If you have a hectic lifestyle, with no time to rest, you will more than likely be prone to stress. Everyone one of us have felt stressed at some point in out life. Whether it be crippling and debilitating, or a prolonged mild feeling. Continuously being subjected to stress for a long time can increase you chances of contracting a chronic disease.

Stress can be caused from everyday activities such as presentations at work or school, massive workloads, lack of breaks and constant working or even difficult relationships and money problems.

Chronic diseases are a massive hindrance to your daily life as well as the quality of your life. Its a prolonged illness that will stick around with you and make you feel horrible all day, everyday. Chronic diseases can come in many forms, from prolonged muscle pain to prolonged digestive issues that can be very debilitating.

How does stress relate to chronic disease?

During times of intense and prolonged stress (including fear or any fight or flight responses), your cortisol levels will rise. This is in fact what can cause chronic disease.

When you have too much cortisol in your body then your body’s automatic healing function ceases to work or is at least hindered. You also become fatigued and your immunity drops. This leads to a myriad of health problems and could promote certain chronic diseases as well as getting ill a lot easier and for longer.


Make sure to take time out in the day to relax. Set yourself a schedule just like you have with your chores, make sure you put some time in your diary to chill out. Do some meditation, or something you enjoy. Feel free to read about more ways you can relax: 20 ways to reduce stress naturally and beat anxiety

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